A Musical Documentary Remembering BILL EVANS with the


 Gary Mazzaroppi– Bass

David Cox – Drums


This screening is hosted by pianist Joel Zelnik and his trio They will perform a pre-screening concert featuring music of Bill Evans.

Film Maker Bruce Spiegel to release new documentary, “Time Remembered” of the late/great jazz pianist Bill Evans.

Bill Evans (1929-1980) was one of the most important and influential pianists and composers in the history of jazz. From the early 1950s, when he first found work as a sideman, through the dozens of albums he released as a leader, his impact has been incalculable—Evans fundamentally altered the sound of piano trio jazz forever.

Today, up-and-coming artists, inspired to tap into the innovations he brought to the music, still study his method and style. Many critics have written about Evans, many musicians have interpreted his work. He was a complex genius and a very troubled man.

But not until now has his story truly been told. Bill Evans: Time Remembered, produced and directed by Bruce Spiegel, is the first documentary film that delves deep inside the artistry of this American music legend and examines the man himself.

The great beauty of Evans’ playing, the soul of his playing, says Spiegel, “should go on for a long time. Bill Evans played with an emotion that you don’t find everywhere. Very rarely does this kind of piano playing elicit this kind of response in people. He was one of the great jazz artists of all time”.

 “Bill Evans was a complex guy and the piano was everything to him,” Spiegel says. “His love relationships ended badly. He was always borrowing money, which strained his relations with his fellow musicians. So many people talked of his addiction, and how sad they were because of it. Bill’s life as a junkie was full-time and I dealt with it accordingly because it had such an impact on his life. I wasn’t going to tiptoe around it.”

Even having completed Time Remembered, Spiegel still finds Evans to be a mystery figure. “I think there was a part of Bill that he kept hidden to himself and he didn’t allow people in to see that,” he says. “I came away feeling, who was this guy? With Time Remembered we begin to find out the many answers to that question.

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Time Remembered Trailer  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPY2R1ZRxO4


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